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Blue Water

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring?

Just yourself 


We provide everything else (soap,

shampoo, towels, etc.) You may bring your own care kit if your prefer.

Is it Private?


The float room is your personal oasis during the duration of your session. 

Can I get out of the float suite before my session ends?


You can exit the suite at anytime but you'd be surprised how quickly you lose track of time when you’re completely relaxed!

Will I fall asleep?

You may

Just one of the many perks of zero gravity. Not to worry, if you do doze off the high salt content will keep you safely afloat. You will also hear music nearing the end of your float session to gently wake you up. 

What is the temperature of the water?

94 degrees / F

This is the same temperature as the surface of your skin, homeostasis is a key ingredient in floating.

Can more than one person float in the suite?


We find the most optimal experience with the greatest benefit is to float in solitude.


What if I’m claustrophobic?

No worries. Our float suite is huge!

It's the largest in Tallahassee/Big Bend, so you’ll get all the benefits of float therapy without that “closed-in” feeling. ​


(7’8” Long / 6’5” Wide / 7’3” Tall)

Fresh Ink? New Piercing?

You may want to wait

Consult with your piercing / tattoo professional on water submersion. We are not responsible for any discoloration of new tattoos.

Will floating ruin my hair dye?


However, there is a low level of chlorine in the water, if you have recently colored your hair please wait at least a week before floating to rinse out excess color. 

Color damage to the tank may result in a fine. 

Will floating damage my natural hair?


However, if you’ve recently straightened your hair, the humidity and water submersion may revert your hair back to its natural state. 

Should I eat / drink before floating?


We recommend eating a light meal 40 - 90 minutes prior.

Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided immediately prior to a session in order to maximize relaxation.


Is the water clean?


The water in our float suite is filtered through a high-tech system between each float. UV light, ozone purification, and the high concentration of Epsom salt also sanitizes the water.

What if i’m running late?

Give us a call

Unfortunately, arriving late may reduce the time you spend in the suite. All appointments must end at the scheduled time to prep the room for the next guest.

Is there a waiver?


All floaters are required to sign a waiver before floating. 

I’m pregnant, can I float?


It's quite the journey to carry another human for nine months, let us help take the load off your back. 

Please check with your physician before booking a session. 

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