Why Float?

We can all use a little more relaxation.

Floating helps you slow down, clear your mind, refresh and re-focus.

It’s a simple, yet, profound way to remove external stimulation (zero distractions) and enter a state of deep rest that benefits your

 mind, body & spirit. 

At Hyperbolic Float, our oversized, private float suite is filled with

body temperature water and 1,500 pounds of healing Epsom salt. The buoyancy of the salt allows you to float effortlessly. While the sensory deprivation (soundproof, lightless) suite brings your mind the

peace & calm that it needs.

Come float with us today

Believe the Hype!




  • Relieves soreness, pain & inflammation 

  • Regulates blood pressure

  • Improves muscle performance & recovery

  • Improves immune function

  • Significantly reduces joint pressure


  •  Calms stress

  •  Reduces anxiety

  • Raises seratonin 

       (mood regulator)

  • Eases depression

  • Helps with PTSD

  • Reduces effects of              fatigue


  • Better sleep

  • Mental clarity

  • Meditation

  • Increases awareness

  • Enhances creativity

  • Boosts mindfulness

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$10 per month

Infinity Package:

40min Float + 30min Massage

($20 students)
($30 students)
($40 students)

* Membership Perks: Monthly raffles, discounted services & more!
 Free cancellation after 4months. 


Non-members $100

Members $75

Student Members $50

How to Float:

  • Shower to limit any contaminants from getting into float suite, body oils, lotions, deodorants, etc.
  • Ear plugs provided. Please put them in before shower while ears are dry.
  • Soap, shampoo & conditioner provided​.
  • Thoroughly dry face to avoid having  to touch face during float.
  • Enter float suite; please use grab bars. 
  • Once inside, we recommend sitting down in the water first, then laying down.
  • Get comfy!
  • We provide a small floaty for additional neck support if needed.
  • Float, relax & enjoy complete relaxation!
  • Try not to touch your face; salt water will irritate eyes​.
  • You can adjust in-float lighting and audio to your preference at any time.
  • You will hear an exit message three minutes prior to end of session.
  • Sit up slowly. 
  • Use grab bars when exiting float suite.
  • Light shower to rinse off excess salt. Soap, shampoo & conditioner provided. 
  • Please put used towels in laundry bin outside of float room.
  • Care products provided.       (lotion, deodorant, hairdryer, etc.)
  • Chill out in our Tranquility Room.
  • Drink some tea, have some water, read a book from our library.
  • Get creative in our art journal.
  • Share a video of your experience if youd like.
  • Have a peaceful day!


The interaction or co-operation of two or more to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."

You get a FREE FLOAT for every five people you refer to float!

*Must enroll in program for valid referrals 


What do I need to bring?

Just yourself 


We provide everything else (soap,

shampoo, towels, etc) If you feel more comfortable, you may decide to bring a care kit.

Is it Private?


The float room is your personal oasis during the duration of your session. 

Can I get out of the float suite before my session ends?


Each float session is 40 minutes but you can exit the suite at anytime.

Youd be surprised how quickly you lose track of time when youre completely relaxed!

Will I fall asleep?

You may

Just one of the many perks of zero gravity. Not to worry, if you do doze off the high salt content will keep you safely afloat. You will also hear music nearing the end of your float session to gently wake you up. 

What is the temperature of the water?

94 Degrees / F

This is the same temperature as the surface of your skin homeostasis is the key ingredient in floating.

What if Im claustrophobic?

No worries 

Our float suite is huge!


(78 Long / 65 Wide / 73 Tall)

Youll get all the benefits of float therapy

without that closed-in feeling. 

Fresh Ink?

New Piercing?

You may want to wait

We are not responsible for any discoloration of new tattoos or infection to new piercing. Consult with your piercing / tattoo professional on water submersion. 

Is there a waiver?


All floaters are required to sign a waiver before floating. 

Will floating ruin my hair dye?


However, there is a very low level of chlorine in the water if you have recently colored your hair please wait at least a week before floating to rinse out excess color. 

Color damage to the tank may result in a fine. 

Ask away!

The Venue

Can more than one person float in the suite?


We find the optimal experience with the greatest benefit is to be in solitude.

Is the water clean?


The high concentration of Epsom salt acts as natural buffer against bacteria.

The water in our float suite is also filtered through our high-tech filtration system;

 plus, UV light & ozone purification thoroughly sanitizes the water between each float.

How often should I float?

Twice a month 

Research shows the more you float the more you see & feel the benefits. We recommend a session every two weeks. 

Its my first time when should I arrive?

25 mins early 

If its your first time floating please arrive early for your walk through of the facility, floating how-to & sign in.

What if i’m running late?

Give us a call

Unfortunately, arriving late will reduce the time you spend in the suite. All appointments must end at the scheduled time to prep the room for the next guest.


I’m a regular do I have to arrive early?


Plan to get here 10 minutes early. You’ve got the swing of things. Just keep in mind all sessions run exactly to schedule & you’ll have to be checked in. 

Should I eat / drink before floating?


We recommend eating a light meal 40 - 90 minutes prior.

Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided immediately prior to a session in order to maximize relaxation.

Im pregnant, can I float?


It's quite the journey to carry another human for nine months, let us help take the load off your back.

Please check with your physician before booking a session. 

Will floating damage my natural hair?


However, if you’ve recently straightened your hair it is possible the humidity may affect your hair. Consult with your hairdresser. 



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